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Most online products ship out of our Garfield, New Jersey Distribution Center. Free delivery applies to contiguous 48 states, not islands or required ferry trips, and requires a paved road accessible by our trucks. We use FedEx Ground and Home Delivery, as well as a variety of motor freight carriers. Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery takes place at curbside or at the gate (if the carrier is not permitted to enter the gated community). For heavier items, we recommend purchasing the Liftgate option unless it is included in the purchase price. For cabin kit delivery see "Cabin Kit FAQ."

Aproximate lead times, excluding cabin kits, are:

  • 21 days NY, NJ, CT and PA
  • 30 days lower East coast
  • 21 days New England
  • 20 days Midwest and Southeast states
  • 30 days Mountain Time zone states
  • 30-40 days West Coast 



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