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Brand: Allwood Model: 160-EHC-AO
Barrel is the ultimate shape for sauna. There is 23% less space to be heated when compared with a similar size room with corners. Also, the cylinder shape allows natural continuing air circulation because the air is pushed back on the round walls. You will enjoy those longer steam cycles while savin..
Ex Tax:$2,995.00
Brand: Harvia Model: BD-FS32-AO
White birch paraffin coated fire starter roll is your best campsite friend. The fire will ignite even in pouring rain and you will instantly look like a survivalist hero. Apart from campfires, this product is ideal for fireplaces and charcoal or real wood grilling.   ..
Ex Tax:$17.95
Brand: Harvia Model: FIRE-BOOSTER-PACK
At Allwood,  we do customization work on table tops and many other items which generate a lot of remnants and off-cuts. In fact, there is so much volume that after all these years we decided to put them to good use instead of discarding them.  So now we are cutting..
Ex Tax:$49.50
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