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Small & Midsize Cabin Kits

Brand: Allwood Model: BonAire-AO
Imagine having a mini resort in your own back yard or patio. Now you can make it a reality with the new Allwood Bonaire resort styled cabin kit. Bonaire is an ideal poolside recreation center for the whole family, a clubhouse to entertain your guests, an oasis to relax in after a day ..
Ex Tax:$12,990.00
Brand: Allwood Model: Aruba-AO
Our Bonaire model turned out to be a late season hit after its June 2019 introduction. But some of you asked if there is a model with just one door and priced closer to $10,000 price point. So now there is a new model Allwood Aruba. When compared with Bonaire, the Aruba is 14 sqf smaller (211 s..
Ex Tax:$10,440.00
Model: Claudia-AO
Allwood Claudia is a high quality cottage style wood cabin kit made of solid Nordic spruce. Claudia's popular design with windows on 3 walls allows abundant natural light inside. With 209 Sqf inside floor space Claudia is 86 sqf bigger than it's popular little sister model Chloe. ..
Ex Tax:$9,450.00
Brand: Allwood Model: Aruba2-AO
Aruba 2 is a new version of popular 211 sqf one room Aruba cabin. The main difference between the two Arubas is that the original is a one room cabin while Aruba 2 has two rooms Allwood Aruba is an ideal poolside recreation center for the whole family, a clubhouse to entertain your guests, an oasis ..
Ex Tax:$10,970.00
Model: Dreamcatcher-AO
Allwood Dreamcatcher is a very popular high quality multi purpose solid Nordic spruce wood cabin. It’s large enough to create extra space for your hobby, or function as a family guest house. It can be also used as your home office, granny flat, cottage or retail kiosk.  Assembly ..
Ex Tax:$10,250.00
Brand: Allwood Model: GIRONA-AO
A wish list from folks seeking a practical living unit for their back yard usually includes the same details: floor space around 200 sqf., separate bathroom and kitchen, contemporary design, sturdy walls, relatively simple assembly. Interestingly, most of these same features also appl..
Ex Tax:$14,650.00
Brand: Allwood Model: Allwood Mayflower-AO
Allwood Mayflower is a modern interpretation of the wagon without the arduous journey to the West. This cozy cabin will be a focal point of any garden or yard, and can be used as a tiny home, guest house, granny flat or home office. It is built from high quality solid Nordic wood. Assembly of t..
Ex Tax:$7,295.00
Brand: Allwood Model: Mayflower Base-AO
Allwood Mayflower Base is a sister model of the popular Mayflower (on wheels) cabin. Basically it is the very same product without the wheels, stairs and the flower boxes.This cozy cabin will be a focal point of any garden or yard. It is built from high quality Nordic wood. Assembly of this sol..
Ex Tax:$6,750.00
Brand: Allwood Model: Mayflower 88-AO
Allwood Mayflower 88 is the smallest sister of the popular Mayflower family of cabins. This 8' x 12' footprint version is ideal for smaller yards and patios. It is also a favorite among our kits assembled on top of existing decks, for which no foundation is required. Also, with 88 sqf floo..
Ex Tax:$5,250.00
Brand: Allwood Model: Allwood Solvalla-AO
Allwood Solvalla is a garden house kit made from high quality solid Nordic wood. This timeless design is an alternative to classic log cabin styled structures. It works well in a variety of surroundings and can be a guest house, home office, granny flat, or even a small..
Ex Tax:$6,750.00
Brand: Allwood Model: Arlanda XL-AO
A number of folks asked us whether a separate sleeping room or bathroom can be added to the original Arlanda floor plan. So now we have it. This timeless urban design is an alternative to classic log cabin styled structures and is made of beautiful solid Nordic spruce wood. It wo..
Ex Tax:$9,190.00
Brand: Allwood Model: Arlanda XXL-AO
Arlanda XXL is a stretched version of the popular Arlanda XL model cabin kit, both made of beautiful solid Nordic spruce wood. With the added 45 SQF you now have a full size bedroom. This timeless urban design is an alternative to classic log cabin styled structures. It works wel..
Ex Tax:$9,890.00
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